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SIP Technology, is well positioned to keep pace with current & future market demands with our years of manufacturing equipment supplies expertise and we always stay strong by our philosophy :-
To provide excellent customer service and high quality products.
To increase our customers competitiveness by maximizing our knowledge & resources.
To take a pro-active role in satisfying our customer requirements.
     Guided by these principles, SIP TECHNOLOGY strives continuously for improvement at all levels of excellence to satisfy our expanding customer base from both SMT & Semiconductor industries
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THINKY was founded in 1971 as a company manufacturing digital measurement instruments.

We made inexpensive display devices using LEDs. THINKY’s products proved to be highly popular, and by 1991 grossed over JPY890 million in sales.However, with the collapse of Japan’s Bubble Economy in 1991, sales of industrial measuring instruments rapidly slowed.It was at this point that the company stumbled across a bright idea when one of the company directors heard from a dentist about a difficult issue in the dental industry.With this idea in mind, THINKY developed mixers for dental paste used for fillings and artificial teeth.(For details, please see “Secret Story of Development.”)The mixer garnered praise not only from the dental industry, but from a variety of other fields as well, including the ointment industry. As a result of this success, THINKY shifted its core business to producing mixers.



We are the distributor for the following products in North & South Asia

Speedline Technologies
* MPM Screen Printer
* Camalot Dispenser
* Electrovert Wave & Reflow Soldering plus Cleaner
* Accel Advance Centrifugal Cleaner

- EBSO Selective Wave Soldering system
- KOLB Stencil & PCB Cleaner & Maintenance Cleaning
- USI Ultrasonic Coating System
ASM Siplace Pick and Place Machine
- EVS Solder Recovery System
- VacuNest PCB Support System
Cencorp Router & Laser Application
HANS Nozzle Cleaner
Honle UV Light Equipment
Koh-Young Screen Printer Inspection
Nutek PCB Handling & Conveyor
Panacol Adhesive
PVA Conformal Coating System
SRP PCB Router
GAMMA N2 Generator

- TAGARNO Microscope

- THINKY Mixer

- Vitronics Soltec Reflow System

Product Portfolio

Strong market coverage in Asia Pacific

Excellence service support to customer

Provides full solutions to Electronics Manufacturing & Semi-conductor Manufacturing
Large customer based