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The modern design of the machines and the physical laws of the process permit to defect-free soldering of the most complicated SMT assemblies even with lead-free solder pastes.
The machines are particular suited for users who process product with frequently changing assemblies in small and medium sized quantities. Universal workpiece carries make the system very flexible.
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The inline soldering system VP 1000-si for automatic inline production is based upon the production series VP 1000.
Modular design enables the automated units to be assembled cost-effectively to the following options:
  • Load and unload module with conveyor for assemblies
  • Load and unload module for work-piece carrier
  • Connection possibility with up- and downstream conveyors or stocking stations
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ASSCON's vacuum soldering process combines the average of the vapor-phase with the vaccum process. The vaccum module consists of the evacuation unit mounted in the process chamber where it is secured with quick-locks for fast and easy removal for maintenance. Pump, valves and sensors are integrated in the base.
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The automation module integrates the VP 1000- and VP 6000 vacuum-series into carrier-free production lines. The design of the inline connection also allows the manual loading of the work piece carrier such as for special electronic devices, special dimensions, small production volumes. With this automation module the ASSCON VP 1000- and VP 6000 vacuum series become all-round soldering systems.