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Odd-Form Assembly

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Every day, nearly 1 million PCB’s are cut using Cencorp depaneling machines.
Cencorp provides a wide range of flexible and effective depaneling solutions suited for small, medium and high volume production, as well as covering off-line manufacturing solutions.
For high-mix production, our flexible handling systems provide fast product set-ups with minimized product changes.
For high-volume / low-mix production, our intelligent board handling systems and servo-grippers enable reliable manufacturing and high productivity.
For low and medium volume production, the off-line routers provide the most economical way of depaneling.
In-Line Depaneling
Cencorp 1000 BR
Cencorp 1000 VR
Off-Line Depaneling
Cencorp 1300 SR
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Millions of odd-form components are placed daily with Cencorp odd-form machines.
Assembly equipment is developed especially for the needs of the automotive and industrial electronics industries.
Our odd-form solutions are designed for high volume and high mix production. Our assembly equipment can be adjusted to customers’ changing product processes using different types of replaceable devices. Simple and low cost product-specific parts enable inexpensive production for many years.
Odd-form process automation is an efficient way to improve profitability in an area where an otherwise smooth running production line usually slows down. Automation here improves profitability significantly by increasing the throughput and assembly quality.

Component Placing
Cencorp 1000 OF
Cencorp Feeders

Test Handling

Laser Applications

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Over 1 million new mobile phones are tested daily using Cencorp test-handling equipment.
We have  extensive experience in designing and manufacturing automated test equipment and test-handling solutions. Our expertise covers ICT testing and flash software downloading as well as RF-testing, tuning, labeling and alignment testing.
Our test handlers are designed for applications where automation gives absolute advantages in terms of precision and efficiency compared to manual testing. The test target can be a PCB, a module or an end product.
Our innovative and patented multilevel tester concept enables the possibility of running different tests simultaneously. This makes it more flexible than any other in-line test handling device yet seen.
Test Handling
Cencorp 2000 ML
Cencorp 4 ML
Cencorp 501 SL
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Cencorp laser workstations are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. We manufacture standard and custom-built laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling and laser micromachining workstations for stand-alone and in-line production. Cencorp laser systems integration combines tens of years of experience in the field of laser materials processing and production automation, which results in products that meet the needs of industrial laser processing and the demands of today's high volume mass-production.
In our laser systems integration we use the latest in technology and design tools to provide state-of-the-art laser solutions, which include fully integrated features such as:
    * Solid state, CO
2, diode or fiber lasers
    * Supply unit and cooling unit
    * Automated axes and parts handling automation
    * Machine vision assisted automation
    * Programmable fume extraction and shielding gas
    * Remote maintenance via Ethernet
Laser Applications
Laser Marking
Laser Degating
Laser Plastics Welding
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