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With this particular product line up Ebso has become the world market leader. Product specific solder nozzles and masks round off the enormous know-how Ebso has in this new emerging soldering technology.
Many components can due to there thermal sensitivity not be soldered with a traditional wave solder process (LCD displays). Other PCB’s are due to SMD component layout issues also can’t be soldered successfully using the traditional wave solder process. Further more often the very costly custom made solder masks to cover the SMD components are difficult to make and not justifiable so customers finish up hand soldering parts. To automate this process the answer is selective soldering. Ebso already had machines like SPA 250 and 400 developed in the year 2002, this machine concept also allows small to medium companies with smaller budgets and production lots to enter this attractive new technology. The SPA range of systems starts from manual machines all the way up to fully automatic solder centres.
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For more then 25 years is Ebso the core competence centre for forming, cutting and kinking of traditional through hole components. With more then 20 standard units and machines on offer by Ebso, is it possible for us to offer total solutions for any need of conventional component pre-forming as well as feeding to any customer. Custom made for customer specific needs are also offered and round up our know-how in this field. Even with the SMD Technology pushing the through hole technology to the background it is not disappearing and is a good part of Ebso’s business. Due to the high complexity of the left-over through hole components we design yearly over 50 new tools for our standard machine range and design many custom made systems for our customers.
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Please choose the machine for your product and distinguish between PCB size, manual or motorized and type of PCB