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UV equipment & UV systems

UV Equipment & UV System


UV unit for printing an coating applications. Prevents direct irradiation onto the substrate.


Modular discharge lamp systems with a high UVC-intensity. Used for effective reduction of germs on surfaces.

Overview of UVAPRINT

Versatile series of UV units for printing and coating applications. UV cold light technology and UV inert curing systems.
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Sun simulation for photovoltaic

Customate solutions for quality control in the photovoltaic industry.


High-performance UV hand-lamp, versatile for many applications, especially used for small batch series.


Powerful and compact long-life LED units for different applications.
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Overview bluepoint

Highly-intensive UV point source for immediate curing of UV adhesives and UV pottants.

Overview UVACUBE

Variable UV irradiation chambers, especially suitable for being used in the laboratory.


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Overview Sun simulation

High-performance, highly intensive irradiation modules and laboratory equipment for simulation of solar irradiation. Used for material ageing and test of colour fastness, for photo-chemical assays and in climatic chambers.

Vitralit flood lamp

UV flood lamp for bonding of larger glass areas.
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