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Koh Young Technology’s new product aSPIre 3D In-line Solder Paste Inspection System adds more value to your production. Keeping with high speed SMT lines, aSPIre system helps maximizing productivity and ensures no compromise is made between speed and accurate 100% 3D measurement capability as well as unrivalled measurement performance of <<10% Gage R&R on 01005 deposits.
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The 100% 3D Paste Measurement based on the patented
Shadow-Free measurement technology

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Industry-leading high speed 3D measurement
at > 41 cm

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Intelligent user interface and SPC tool for process optimization

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Unrivalled measurement performance
<<10% GR&R on 01005

In addition
The next generation GUI and SPC package included in the system
Less than 10 min. programming for a complete inspection file
No fine tuning or inspection parameter setting necessary
Comprehensive statistical analysis tool enables accurate process feedback