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Adhesive and sealants / Dispensing and curing / Hot bar soldering / Hot sealing / Heat stacking

Vitralit®. UV-A and light-curing epoxides and acrylates

Cyanolit®. Rapid curing

Elecolit®. Electrically and thermally conductive

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Advantages of vitralit® UV-adhesives:
Easy handling
Short curing time for higher productivity
Solvent-free, no heat exposure
Long storage at + 5° c
Very good electrical properties
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Cyanolit® adhesives are solvent-free reaction adhesives. In contact with air humidity or the moisture on the bonded materials, they cure in just a few seconds.Special formulations result in various different characteristics and a fast, secure bond even under arduous conditions:
High impact strength and thermal stability.
Good moisture resistance.
No solvent evaporation.

Cyanolit® adhesives allow fast bonding of:
Porous materials
PP and other critical plastics
Metals, plastics and rubber
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Elecolit® conductive adhesives are synthetic resins filled with metallic or inorganic filler materials.
Our comprehensive Elecolit® product range comprises the following adhesives:
1C and 2C electrically conductive adhesives
1C electrically conductive coatings
1C and 2C thermally conductive adhesive
Conductive paste

Our Elecolit® adhesives and sealants are suitable, among other uses, for:
Die bonding
Bonding power modules
Antenna printing and contacting
Anisotropic bonding with the Panacol heat sealing press

Structalit®. For extreme strengths and various materials

Penloc GZ/GTI®. Universal structural adhesives

Penloc®. Anaerobic products for securing, fastening and sealing.

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Structalit® adhesives are single- and two-component epoxy resin-based products with superior strength and thermal stability and chemical resistance. Structalit® can also be used in special and high-tech applications, from bonding in trades and crafts through sealing electrical components to high-tech electronics applications.
Single-component adhesives, thermally curing, with superior strength on many materials
Two-component adhesives or sealants with various pot lives
Single-component glob-top sealants, black, for rapid thermal curing

Easy to process
Single-component products are heat-curing
Two-component products also cure at room temperature
With outstanding strength and resistance.
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Penloc®: Structural adhesives

The wide range of Penloc® products covers numerous diverse applications:
Bonding acrylic glass – GTI, GT-AP
Structural adhesive for materials such as metal, glass, ceramics, hardwood and many plastics (except PE and PP). – GTI, GT-AP
Metal bonding with high temperature strain – GTH-T

Our comprehensive product range includes the following adhesives:
Ideal for all hard, nonporous materials.
Fast, universal
Quick curing at room temperature
No mixing
Fast handling strength
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Securing, fixing and sealing active materials
Anaerobic curing at room temperature
Acceleration through heat
100% positive connection
Reduces production and assembly costs

Cerastil®. High-temperature adhesives and sealants

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Cerastil®: High-temperature applications

The continuous thermal stability values of 300 °C to 1500 °C (depending on the application)
can be achieved only with Cerastil® inorganic adhesives.