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Solutions for Thermal Management

globalPoint ICS the international leader in profiler technology set standards with the development and manufacturing of measuring technique for all soft soldering processes.

The products PTP® - Professional Temperature Profiler are based on latest research results, newest technologies and best materials.

We offer measuring technique for Reflow air/nitrogen, Reflow (vacuum-) Vapourphase, Wave and Selective solderplants including measuring boards as well as optionally customized measuring solutions.

The measuring technique is available for inline and batch plants, for lead free soldering and for all transportation systems.
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  • For Reflow, Wave and Select
  • Transmitter TX, Receiver RX
  • 2,4 GHz real-time-data
  • 20 dbm Bluetooth® onboard
  • 9 channels, resolution 0,07K
  • 0,1|0,2|0,5|1,0|2,0 s interval
  • 10|20|50|100|200 min time
  • Controller based 12Bit ADC
  • Automatic offset compensation
  • Advanced temperature compensation
  • Charging over PC USB cable
  • WHQL certified USB Driver
  • Standard COM Ports 3 to 255
  • More than 4 houres non-stop use
  • 90% Accu power in approx. 1 h
  • Li-Ionen-Accu, no memory effect
  • EN ISO 584 miniature connectors
  • IP67 industry protection
  • Optional RX with mounting parts
  • 2,5 dbi RX high gain antenna
  • RX 3-time LED status display