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SiP's Microscope is easy operation and convenient for carry around your territory. Take a photo or video on your products.
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SiP's E-Blade electroformed squeegee blade improves print deposition quality, Uniformity, and consistency by offering a rigid, low-friction, hard-nickel edge for cleaner prints, reduced stencil wear, and less material waste.
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The SIP658 is a high efficiency LED driver control IC. It uses lesser components and drive LED with constant current. The SIP658 is an open loop, current mode. It can be programmed to operate in either a constant frequency or constant off-time mode. It includes an 8-450V linear regulator which allows it to work in wide input voltage range without external low voltage power supply. The SIP658 includes 0~100% PWM dimming and 0~250mV linear dimming to adjust LED luminance.