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Unique Capacity on Demand and Maximum Speed

The SIPLACE SX Series is a revolutionary placement solution that scales flexibly across the entire line. A solution that lets you invest in performance or capacity – independently and in line with your current order situation – and that also lets you get rid of capacity easily when you no longer need it. We call this solution “Capacity on Demand”. In combination with the SIPLACE SX4 high-speed module and the attractive SIPLACE business models, the SIPLACE SX1/2 Capacity on Demand placement machines provide the ideal basis for a flexible production that can meet all order situations.

Capacity on Demand instead of expensive
line reconfigurations
The SIPLACE SX1/2 is the first machine generation with complete gantry modularity. This makes cumbersome line reconfigurations unnecessary. Removing and installing a gantry takes a single operator less than 30 minutes. The SIPLACE SX1/2 is the ideal answer to the increasingly rapid and massive demand fluctuations in today’s business.

Maximum real-life performance and
the best performance-to-space ratio
As a high-speed module, the fourgantry SIPLACE SX4 completes the SIPLACE SX platform and sets new benchmarks for performance per square meter, a ratio that is critical for investment decisions. Delivering up to 135,000 cph on a footprint of only five square meters (1.90 x 2.65 m), it far exceeds all previous record holders.
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The ultimate high-end platform

High-end means more than high-speed. The SIPLACE X-Series is the ultimate platform for modern SMT production. For the first time, a single machine platform sets new benchmarks for all criteria that matter most in successful SMT production: placement speed, quality, flexibility and investment protection.

Perfect interaction between software and
technological innovation
SIPLACE X-Series extending its modularity concept allows you to combine your ultimate SMT line with software, services, options, machine and head versions as well as placement and setup concepts.

Maximum Speed
SIPLACE X4i, the world record holder in real placement performance delivers 102,000 cph IPC performance and 120,000 cph SIPLACE benchmark performance.

Maximum Flexibility
Combine top performance with maximum flexibility, covering the entire component spectrum and all requirements of modern electronics production.

Maximum Quality
Many control mechanisms such as vacuum sensors, force sensors and the digital vision system as well as the SIPLACE Setup Center deliver maximum quality and reliability.



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The Price-Performance Leaders

Perfect Price-Performance Ratio
The digital SIPLACE D-Series is the perfect combination of high-tech innovation and proven technology that delivers a price-performance ratio that’s unique in the industry.

Highest Production Quality
The SIPLACE D-Series features the highest production quality in its segment, while its excellent dpm rates reduce your quality costs. And the best part: These qualities are long-lasting. Even after years of service, SIPLACE machines maintain a high resale value.

High Flexibility
With the SIPLACE D-Series, you are optimally prepared for the future. Thanks to its modular structure, the SIPLACE D-Series can be flexibly re-configured; from replacing heads to switching from single to synchronous or asynchronous dual transport modes, all changes are quick and easy.

Highest Production Uptime
Using Virtual Product Build in SIPLACE Pro and Offline Vision Teaching, you can now prepare everything offline– without interrupting your regular production.

Perfect Combination between New and Proven Technologies
The SIPLACE D-series is equipped with the latest innovations, such as the high precision pick & place and the digital SIPLACE vision system. It also takes advantage of proven SIPLACE technologies and features the well-known collect & place heads, the reliable SIPLACE S-feeders and the robust linear drives.
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Intelligent Solution, Intelligent Choice

The latest SIPLACE product line offers the highest real performance on line level thanks to intelligent performance optimization software, the high speed 20-nozzle Collect & Place head for 01005 mass production and closed-loop linear motor drive technology for all axes. Intelligent setup strategies for any production requirement and hot-swappable SIPLACE X-feeders allow changeovers on the fly. And that's not all! Many powerful intelligent usability solutions have been developed for the SIPLACE DX, for example the new easy operator GUI and the SIPLACE Smart GUI. Make the intelligent choice and experience the latest intelligent placement solution from SIPLACE on this website!