A pioneer in soldering technology since 1951, ELECTROVERT introduced wave soldering to North America in 1957. This technology replaced manual soldering with an efficient and accurate mass soldering process for the new printed circuit board industry. Today ELECTROVERT is a worldwide leader, producing the industry's most durable and precise wave soldering, reflow soldering, and circuit board cleaning systems for sale in more than 70 countries. And ELECTROVERT has led the way in developing lead-free wave-soldering and reflow oven systems that offer environmentally friendly alternatives to electronics manufacturers.

  ELECTROVERT has a long record of technological innovation and refinement, including the patented Lambda Wave, Dual Wave/Dual Pump soldering systems for through-hole and SMT components, coN2tour inert boundary soldering, hot gas debridging systems, Vectaheat forced convection preheating, an integrated dross management system, selective laser soldering and high-volume forced convection heating for SMT reflow. Our engineers have also developed in-line aqueous cleaning systems with proprietary pump and Hurricane Jet nozzle technology for optimal cleaning results, and the exclusive Electrosonic Airknife and the new Torrid Zone convection drying system for maximum drying performance. ELECTROVERT systems offer reliability, precision and low-cost to electronics manufacturers in demanding production environments worldwide.
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Products within the ELECTROVERT BRAND:


  ■ Aquastorm


  ■ OmniES
  ■ OmniMax


  ■ Electra
  ■ VectraES
  ■ VectraElite