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Speedline Technologies serves the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries with class-leading equipment, responsive support and unparalleled process knowledge.
• Accel – Microelectronics Cleaning Systems
• Camalot – Dispensing Systems
• Electrovert – Wave and Reflow Soldering; Inline Cleaners
• MPM – Stencil and Screen Printers
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MPM provides a complete line of fully automated, high-precision stencil printers that incorporate state-of-the-art technology. The results……. higher throughput and yields, low cost of ownership, and a printer that will withstand even the toughest manufacturing environments. MPM offers 12.5 micron @ 6 sigma accuracy on every printer in the product line, an attribute that is unmatched in the industry.

With a heritage of process knowledge and expertise, MPM has industry-first technologies, including Automatic Pin Placement, look-up/look-down vision alignment, and closed-loop print pressure control. Our recent innovations, including enclosed-pump print head technology, texture-based bridge inspection and Gel-Flex conformal tooling, minimize material consumption, improve product yield and maximize printer uptime.
We invite you to review our latest product line-up in which we’ve incorporated our patented Parallel Processing, Edgeloc™, Advanced board and stencil 2-D inspection, Process verification and traceability, Adjustable Stencil Shelves and our renowned Benchmark operating software.
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The CAMALOT brand name is synonymous with technology leadership in dispensing systems for surface mount electronics and chip packaging and assembly applications. Available in stand-alone and inline configurations, CAMALOT’s systems are ideal for dispensing underfill, encapsulants, solder paste, and adhesives with unmatched speed and accuracy. CAMALOT’s leadership position in dispense pump innovation ensures that the optimal technology is available for virtually any application.
Camalot is the leading provider of high speed liquid dispensing systems for SMT and chip packaging applications. Established in 1987, Camalot's stand-alone and in-line systems dispense solder paste, SMA, conductive adhesives, encapsulants, and flip chip underfill with unmatched precision, speed and reliability.
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ACCEL has been a pioneer in applying innovative technology to batch and small-footprint inline cleaning systems. Well-known for utilizing centrifugal force to enhance cleaning and drying, ACCEL systems are ideal for densely packaged assemblies and semiconductor applications such as wafer bumping, flip chips, CSPs, BGAs, MCMs and hybrids. The unique ability to clean and dry in tight spaces also makes ACCEL systems ideal for medical, optical and precision cleaning challenges. Unlike most small cleaners, ACCEL systems are not based on "dishwasher" technology. These unique systems are engineered to provide high performance, short cycle times, zero discharge and the capability to use a wide variety of aqueous and solvent-based cleaning media.
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With a rich heritage in soldering technology, ELECTROVERT was founded in 1951 and introduced wave soldering to North America in 1957. And, this history includes an impressive record of technological innovation, including the patented Lambda Wave, Dual Wave/Dual Pump solder modules, inert boundary soldering, the rotary chip wave, Vectaheat forced convection preheat, UltraFill and DwellMax nozzle technology, and ExactaWave precision wave height control. ELECTROVERT reflow systems benefit from a focus on energy efficiency and reduced nitrogen consumption, along with the award-winning Intelligent Flux Control with RunMax Technology. The inline cleaner line features innovations such as the Hurricane Jet nozzle, synergistic pump and nozzle technology, and enhanced drying with ElectroAir air knives and the Torrid Zone.

Today, ELECTROVERT is the worldwide leading producer of wave and reflow soldering systems and inline aqueous cleaners. A continual focus on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly processes, such as lead-free soldering and closed-loop cleaning, ensure ELECTROVERT products will meet the demands of tomorrow.