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Vapor Phase Soldering Technology ■■■■■■

  During Vapor Phase Heating (VPH), parts are directly immersed in a heated vapor blanket. The saturated vapor condenses and transfers its latent heat of vaporization to the surface of the parts. Vapor Phase Soldering, also well known as Condensation Soldering, is a very versatile method of heat transfer. uses for the heating-up process of the assemblies the thermal energy which is emitted by phase change of the heat transfer medium from gas-like to liquid state. This phase change (Condensation) at the complete surface of the solder piece lasts as long until the assembly has reached the temperature of the vapor. Due to the high vapor density and the liquid film as a result of condensation, the complete heating-up process takes place at an oxygen free environment. The transferred quantity of heat is linear to the supplied heating energy.

Following advantages are resulting with these physical principles:
  ■ No more overheating of the assemblies, because the boiling point of the heat transfer fluid defines the maximal soldering temperature. Therefore vapor phase soldering is ideally usable for lead free solder processes.
  ■ Continuous heating-up at the complete assembly even with different assembly parts and assembly mass.
  ■ Oxygen free soldering process without application of any protective gas.
  ■ Efficient use of energy due to the high heat transfer coefficient of the medium, compared with air, nitrogen or radiation. Therefore operating costs are significant reduced compared with the other Soldering Technologies as radiation and convection.

ASSCON Vapor Phase Technology

VPH property
  △T ≈0
  Lead free temperature set ONLY 230℃
  0 PPM
  3 kW/h
  Linear PROFILE
  Automatic recognition of the soldering temperature
  0 void

  ●Asscon founded in 1995 by Mr. Zabel and Mr. Seitz
  ●600 systems sold since 1999, first 2 years used for R & D
  ●Only VP supplier with Siemens and Bosch approvals for lead-free soldering
  ●3 world experts in vapour phase soldering involved in this venture
    Mr. Zabel  Mr. Seitz  Mr. Filor
  ● Largest customer base for vapour phase in the world:
    SIEMENS/Bosch/BMW/EADS/Daimler Chrysler/Krone/Alcatel/Marconi/ Aerospace/ABB/Huber+Suhner/Grundfoss/Alenia/Hella/Semikron/IXYS/Diehl/EPCOS/DLR

Asscon has also some world firsts:
  ● Using Condensation for preheating full inert process (patented)
  ● Using vacuum for void free VP soldering (patented)
  ● TGC: Temperature Gradient Control
  ● ARS: Automatic recognition of the soldering temperature
  ● Largest soldering system in the world PCB size 1500 x 1800mm
  ● Hot filtering system reducing maintenance time
  ● ASB: Automatic Solder Break
  ● Complete range of machines: Laboratory, mid size, high volume
  ● Lead free rework kit


Heat transfer coefficient in dependance on different methods of heat transfer: